Check Out Your Options with Our Online Spirit Wear Catalog

Online Spirit Wear Catalog 2

At Win-Win, we make spirit wear fundraising easy. So, of course, we have an easy way for you to learn about everything we do to help your PTO or PTA. With our online spirit wear catalog, you can get an understanding of our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program in just 12 pages! Our online spirit wear catalog highlights all of the key components of our spirit wear program and takes you step by step through the process so that there will be no surprises when you contact us to get started. To start, you’ll get a rundown of the full list of services you’ll receive with your Easy Sell. You can then determine the format of your fundraiser based on the size of your school. We’ve done the market research and know what is going to result in the biggest profit for you. After that, you will get a taste of our numerous customizable options. The catalog has photos and information about our most popular spirit wear garments, including T-shirts, tie-dyes and sweatshirts. In addition, you’ll see some more unique options like hats that you can add on to your program if you wish. Color and size options are included in the catalog, so no guesswork is needed! Win-Win doesn’t only specialize in spirit wear. We also have thousands of spirit merchandise items available. There’s a page in the catalog that will let you know what it’s all about. Finally, great spirit wear depends on great custom designs. We don’t just want to tell you how awesome our designs are; we want to show you! Some of our coolest logos are featured in the catalog. These are real designs that were printed on spirit wear for real schools. Use them to get some ideas for your fundraiser, or rest easy knowing our designers have the skills to come up with something just right for your school. Want to learn all you can about Win-Win’s spirit wear fast? Our online spirit wear catalog is where you should start! Read up, and then contact us when you’re ready to begin a program. All it takes is the submission of a free proposal or a call to 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946).

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