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Spirit Merchandise 9 Whether you’re looking for some unique add-ons for your next spirit wear fundraiser or just need some gear for the rest of the summer, take a look at spirit merchandise. Spirit wear garments will always be the go-to for programs, but spirit merchandise certainly has its place as well. There are a variety of options for both schools and youth sports teams. Spirit merchandise refers to any non-garment item that features a school or team name and mascot. For the most part, if you can think of a product, it can be turned into spirit merchandise. Some of the most popular items are auto accessories, water bottles, stadium cushions, spirit towels and banners. Just like spirit wear, spirit merchandise is effective at building spirit and pride. Win-Win has an enormous selection of items — more than 800,000 to be exact. You’re sure to find a few things that catch your eye when you browse our online spirit merchandise store. Products are organized into categories, and you can also search by keyword. Selling spirit merchandise is a great way to increase your fundraising bottom line. With Win-Win you can either sell it in addition to spirit wear as part of your Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program, or you can sell it on its own with our Bulk Buy Program. Minimum requirements apply, but it’s sold to you at wholesale prices so there’s plenty of room for you to make a profit! When you place an order, we’ll work with you to come up with a custom design that will make your products really stand out. Your products will feature your school/team colors and mascot, and they’ll be designed with your target market in mind. Different markets find different things appealing, and we want to make sure you are able to make the most sales possible. You can view some of our custom designs on our website or Pinterest page.
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