Can’t Beat an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program

Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program 3

Spirit wear is ideal for schools and youth sports teams. Not only does it look great and build spirit, but it also can be a great way to fundraise. Many fundraising committees have found that spirit wear fundraisers are among the most successful around. Of course, not all spirit wear companies and programs are the same. We would put our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program up against any other option! The Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program is no cost, no risk fundraising. Organizations that work with us make good profits without doing much work at all because we do most of it for you! The program provides quality garments, awesome custom designs, easy ordering and fast delivery. Here’s a closer look at the details: At the beginning of your Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program, you’ll go through the garment options and make selections that best fit your market. We carry the most popular styles in a variety of colors. You get to set prices based on the profit you want to earn. We’ve been at this a long time and have a team of experts, so we’ll guide you down the path to success by suggesting spirit wear garments and prices that will maximize your sales. Next, we crank up the fun by getting to work creating custom designs to decorate your spirit wear. We’ll use your mascot and colors and come up with something that fits your school or team perfectly and attracts customers. We know that different markets like different things depending on factors like age, gender, etc., so we make sure that each of our logos will be appealing to your market. Check out some of our custom designs on Pinterest! Ordering for an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program is easy! That’s because we offer two great ordering methods. The first is custom, full-color order forms. We’ll print as many as you need and ship them to you at no cost. The forms are easy to understand and show exactly what your spirit wear garments look like. We can also set up an online spirit wear store for you, which really expands the reach of your program and offers 24/7 convenience. The store displays every garment option and is easy to use. It’s also secure, and we manage all of the orders. After your order deadline, we’ll go through the paper orders you send us or the online orders we have on file and make sure everything has been submitted correctly. If not, we will contact your customers to straighten everything out to keep things stress-free for you. After that, we’ll decorate the spirit wear with the custom designs and get it ready to ship. We individually bag each order and ship them to the school along with your profit check. You and your customers will get what they’re waiting for in no time! The great thing about our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program is that it works for any group and can be done at any point during the year. If you are connected to a sports team or school that has activities this summer, contact us to get a program going. You can also get an early jump on your fall program so that everything is ready for the start of the next school year. Call us at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or connect with us online by submitting a free proposal.

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