Boost Spirit Wear Sales with Good Promotion

Spirit Wear Sales If done correctly, spirit wear fundraising can be a highly successful way of earning a profit. If you’re offering quality garments adorned with attractive custom designs, the products almost sell themselves. However, it’s important that you let customers know about the awesome spirit wear you have available. With the right promotion, you’ll have no problem making a large amount of spirit wear sales. There are a variety of ways to promote spirit wear sales. Start by hanging up flyers or posters throughout the school. They should show what the spirit wear will look like and when the order deadline is. Be sure to place the flyers or posters in busy areas like the hallways, cafeteria and office where everyone will see them. Those are locations where parents will be able to see them as well. If the school does announcements over the P.A. or provides printed announcements for teachers to read, have them include reminders once in awhile so that students and staff remember to place their orders. Spread the word outside as well. Many schools have message signs. Talk to the appropriate school officials and see if they can place a message advertising your spirit wear fundraiser. That way, everyone who goes past the school will know what you have going on. Besides the sign, there are a variety of other ways you can promote spirit wear sales to the parents and other members of the community. If your PTO/PTA or the school send out a newsletter, publish the details of your program. You can also make your fundraiser “go viral” by posting information on the school website and popular social sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. You can also send out an email to prospective customers. These online posts will be especially effective if your program includes an online spirit store. Simply post a link to your store, and customers can quickly and easily see the products and start ordering! That’s a lot to remember, but it won’t be a problem if your spirit wear company is Win-Win. That’s because we provide every customer who does an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program with an Easy Sell Checklist. It’s a helpful guide that will help you effectively promote sales. Simply execute the tips on the list, and you’ll have no shortage of customers! And to make things even easier, we will provide you with posters to hang up and an e-link to your online spirit store that you can share with everyone you know. We’ll even post a link on our Facebook page so that it only takes one step for you to share it with all of your friends. You’ve now got plenty of tools to make your spirit wear program a hit. For additional information, you can call us at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946). Happy selling!

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