Spirit Merchandise for Sports Fans

There are two aspects to the spirit wear industry. The first is the spirit wear itself: T-shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatpants and similar garments. The other, more overlooked component is spirit merchandise. In certain situations, spirit merchandise is actually very popular and more in demand than clothing. Sports fans are some of the biggest spirit merchandise … Continued

Can’t Beat an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program

Spirit wear is ideal for schools and youth sports teams. Not only does it look great and build spirit, but it also can be a great way to fundraise. Many fundraising committees have found that spirit wear fundraisers are among the most successful around. Of course, not all spirit wear companies and programs are the … Continued

Expect the Best in Customer Service

Spirit wear programs are designed to be enjoyable, effective and easy. Whether or not you receive all of those things comes down to one thing: customer service. Sure, your sales could be great, but if it took a lot of effort to get them, you still might think twice about doing it again. Convenience is … Continued

Great-Looking Spirit Wear for Sports

When you think about spirit wear, chances are the first thing that comes to mind is matching T-shirts that students and parents order in the fall. That is true. School spirit wear fundraisers are popular, and many take place at the beginning of the school year. However, there are variations to spirit wear programs that … Continued

Customization Options Galore

Every spirit wear company can put its own unique spin on merchandise. Customization is what makes spirit wear so appealing. But not every company offers the same options, especially when it comes to delivering a completely one-of-a-kind spirit wear experience. Customization goes beyond logos, so do your homework and make sure you aren’t getting short-changed. … Continued

Embroidery for Your Gear

Included among the many options you have for spirit wear are decorating methods. Screen printing, embroidery, rhinestone application, sequin application and heat transfer are just a few. You’re probably familiar with screen printing because it’s the most common. However, embroidery is also very popular and works better than screen printing in some instances. Read on … Continued

Get a Jump on Your Fall Spirit Wear Program

The end of the school year isn’t far away, but this is the time when many PTOs and PTAs start making preparations for the fall. Elections are held for officer positions, and budgets are discussed and maybe even approved. For fundraising committees, now is the time to start planning for next year. Be the ultimate … Continued

Tips to Promote Spirit Wear Sales

Spirit wear fundraising can be a highly effective way of earning a profit and boosting school spirit. And another great thing about it is that if you work with the right spirit wear company, you won’t have much work to do at all! That said, if you really want your spirit wear program to exceed … Continued

Want Information? Submit a Free Proposal

If you’ve read some of our blog posts, you’ve probably noticed that many of them end with information about how to contact us. We list our phone number, but we also mention our free proposal. If you’re wondering what a free proposal is, read on because the free proposal is a convenient first step if … Continued

Gear Up with a Team or Event Bulk Buy

School may be over soon, but summer isn’t all about kicking back and relaxing. There are still plenty of things that keep both kids and parents busy. Do you know which items are the most popular at summer events? That’s right — T-shirts! Think about it; just about every summer event, especially sporting events, includes … Continued