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You can learn a lot about Win-Win’s spirit wear programs by exploring our website. But there comes a time when it’s nice to know more of the specifics of what we can do for you. You don’t even have to be committed to a program. Maybe, you just would like to learn a little more. … Continued

Enjoy the Convenience of an Online Spirit Wear Store

One of the keys to running a profitable spirit wear fundraiser is providing your customers with an easy way to order. If the ordering process is confusing and inconvenient, you’ll miss out on sales. There are typically two ordering methods for spirit wear programs: paper forms and an online spirit wear store. At Win-Win, we … Continued

Choosing Spirit Wear Garments for Your Program

One of the first things you need to decide when doing a spirit wear program is what garments you are going to offer to your customers. Most spirit wear companies offer a number of different options. Win-Win is no exception. Just look at our online spirit wear catalog — and that is just a sample … Continued

With Spirit Wear, You Can Customize Everything

Everyone has their own unique style. You know what else is unique? Spirit wear! Spirit wear fundraisers are unlike any other fundraiser because the customer has a say in the finished product and can get it designed to fit his or her personality. When it comes to school or team apparel, customers love having the … Continued

Start Prepping with Our Online Spirit Wear Catalog

It won’t be long until fall fundraising will be the main focus of PTOs and PTAs. In order to put on a successful fundraiser, you need proper planning. If you will be doing a spirit wear fundraiser or are considering it, now is a great time to start doing your homework. Here at Win-Win, we … Continued

Time to Update Information!

For many schools, summer break is here or just around the corner. This is the time of year when many PTOs and PTAs add members and change up the people on committees. If you’ve worked with us in the past or are thinking about working with us next year, make sure you stay in the … Continued

Discover the Benefits of Spirit Wear

Spirit wear is versatile as both a fundraising tool and sought-after product. If you or someone you know has done a spirit wear program before, you’re probably aware of its positives. Here at Win-Win, we’ve noticed that many of our first-timers are blown away by all of the benefits of spirit wear. It’s obvious that … Continued

Stay in the Know with Social Media

You can keep spirit wear information at the tip of your fingers at all times thanks to social media. Whether you’ve got apps on your smartphone or use your computer or tablet at home, we want you to connect with Win-Win. There are a number of benefits, and you don’t want to miss out! Social … Continued

What Makes a Good Custom Design?

In order to sell spirit wear, you must have garments that look and feel good and custom designs that are appealing. You can’t have spirit wear without a custom design, so it is one of the most important aspects of a fundraiser or bulk buy. A custom design is any logo that is created for … Continued

Bulk Buy Spirit Wear for the Summer

What are your summer plans? If they’re anything like those of many parents, you’re probably going to be attending a lot of youth sporting events or doing some fundraising for your PTO or PTA. In either case, you could benefit by getting some bulk buy spirit wear this summer! Why bulk buy spirit wear? For … Continued