Pick Out the Best Spirit Wear Garments

Spirit Wear GarmentsSpirit wear fundraisers are known for their options. Organizations putting on programs get to choose from dozens of possible garment styles, and almost any type of clothing item can be turned into spirit wear. All it takes is a custom design! However, with spirit wear programs, it’s not about how many items are offered. It’s about which items are offered. Continue reading to learn how to select the best spirit wear garments for your program.
Spirit Wear Garments Customers Crave
At Win-Win, our spirit wear programs are based on data, and our data shows that there are a select few styles that blow away the rest. The top-selling spirit wear garments are T-shirts (either short-sleeve or long-sleeve), tie-dyes, hoodies and crewnecks. They make up approximately 93% of all spirit wear sales! Boost your fundraising profits by offering some or all of them to your customers!
Spirit Wear Everywhere
Spirit wear is fun. It gets people excited and also allows them to show off their school and team pride. These are some of the reasons the spirit wear garments we identified are what people immediately look for when they get an order form or shop using an online spirit wear store. The T-shirt is the most common item there is, and people can’t have enough! The tie-dye is a classic that has stood the test of time. It’s eye-catching, fun and especially popular for younger age groups. Hoodies and crewnecks are warm and comfy and can be worn both inside and outside. Due to their versatility, these garments appeal to customers young and old, which is why spirit wear programs that include them bring in great profits!
Start Earning with Win-Win
We’ve already had some customers complete their fall spirit wear programs, and others are just getting started. Come join in on the fun while making some money for your organization! We’ll hook you up with the top-selling garments and can discuss other garment options as well. Our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program is the no cost, no risk way to fundraise! Get more information and get started by calling 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or submit a free proposal.

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