Fundraising Fatigue Isn’t an Issue with Us

Fundraising Fatigue You made it through Thanksgiving, but Christmas is coming up in a hurry. The fall semester is just about over, but the spring term won’t be far behind. Face it; there’s always going to be a lot of chaos in your life, whether it’s being a parent or being a member of a PTO or PTA. It can be hard to find the time for everything you have on your plate. If you’re starting to feel the fundraising fatigue, we can help! At this point in the year, fundraising for your organization probably isn’t at the top of your list. It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time and volunteers. That is, unless you do a spirit wear fundraiser with Win-Win. Spirit wear fundraising is the stress-free and successful way to fundraise. Our motto is, “We do the work. You keep the profit.” And we mean it! Our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program puts the to-dos in our hands and a profit check in yours. You select the garments you want to sell from our catalog of popular brands and styles and then decide what prices you want to charge based on your target market. From there, we’ll take over. We’ll create perfect custom designs for your school and supply you with custom, full-color order forms and a customized online spirit wear store. You publicize the fundraiser (with help from our Easy Sell checklist), hand out order forms and collect them. That’s all you need to do! After that, the rest of the work is up to us. We’ll tally the orders, address any issues, decorate the garments, ship them and send your profit check. No stress for you or your organization involved! And don’t worry about fundraising fatigue from your target market, either. Spirit wear fundraisers are always a hit. That’s because they don’t require time or travel to make a purchase, and the spirit wear garments look so great that the people at your school will want to have them. Get geared up for the 2016 fundraising season with a spirit wear program with Win-Win!

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