Avoid Fundraising Fatigue

Avoid Fundraising FatigueWhen school begins, so does peak fundraising season. If you’ve been a PTO or PTA member for any length of time — and especially if you’ve been on the fundraising committee — you know that fundraising is necessary to better the school experience of students. However, one of the struggles is that it is easy for volunteers, teachers, parents and students to experience fundraising fatigue — a burned-out feeling caused by fundraising. As you plan for the year, make sure you take the following factors into consideration to prevent fundraising fatigue from hampering your efforts:
Fundraisers Are Everywhere
Your organization isn’t the only one that does fundraising throughout the school year. Classes, sports teams and other groups have fundraisers of their own. This requires a lot of work from a lot of people. It also means many people from the school and community are being asked to donate money or purchase items to support the various groups. Those are the challenges, but how do you overcome them?
Quality Over Quantity
One of the best things you can do to avoid fundraising fatigue is remember that quality is more important than quantity. It’s better to do a couple of successful fundraising programs to get the money you need rather than multiple low-profit fundraisers that seemingly occur non-stop. This prevents your organization from becoming one that has high demands for volunteer help and becomes overbearing in the eyes of the people who you are asking to support your causes. A good practice is to do just one or two fundraisers a year, preferably at the beginning of fall and spring.
Make It Easy
The easier you can make your fundraisers for volunteers and participants, the better. The school year is a busy time, and it’s tough for volunteers to find time to help out. They also will be more likely to volunteer if they know there’s not going to be too much work expected of them. Participants are more likely to donate or purchase if it’s convenient. Don’t expect them to travel or spend a lot of time at an event, and don’t overwhelm them with a large product selection or confusing ordering process.
Plan Ahead
Scheduling is a great way to avoid fundraising fatigue. Crunch the numbers before fundraising season to find out exactly how much money you will need to raise to budget for everything you have planned. Once you have a target amount, do your research to get an idea of what kind of fundraisers provide the best return on investment. Make sure that if you partner with a fundraising company that they understand your goals and will meet your expectations. Finally, put your event or events on a posted calendar, the school website and wherever else people will see them so that they will know what’s coming up. Try to pick dates that don’t conflict with other school, team or fundraising events.
Avoid Fundraising Fatigue with Spirit Wear
Here at Win-Win, there are a variety of reasons we think spirit wear programs bring success without causing fatigue. Our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program requires little work from you and your clients. We provide assistance throughout the program and even handle most of the tasks to ensure the process of ordering, garment decorating and delivery is simple and stress-free! Because the garments look great and last a long time, spirit wear fundraisers bring in good money. Customers want to show off their spirit and know they are getting a great product for the price. This drives up your fundraising profits so that you don’t need to do a bunch of other fundraisers to reach your goals. To learn more about spirit wear fundraising and our specific programs, call us at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or send us a free proposal form.

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