An Online Spirit Wear Store Can Be Yours

Online Spirit Wear Store 5 Online shopping continues to increase in popularity year after year. Customers love the convenience of being able to browse and make purchases on their computers or mobile devices no matter where they are. As a result, more and more fundraising committees have become interested in making an online spirit wear store available to customers. The Win-Win approach to spirit wear fundraising is that we do the work, you keep the profit, and our online stores are no different! An online spirit wear store is one of your no-cost sales options when you do an Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program. You’ll be able to display each and every one of your items, whether you’re selling T-shirts, spirit merchandise or something else. Not only that, customers who visit your spirit store will be able to toggle all of the options to see all of the sizes, colors and custom designs that are available. That’s a huge selling point, because people will be more likely to make a purchase when they can see exactly what the product they are shopping for will look like. The online spirit wear store really is a one-stop shop. Customers can get all of the spirit gear they want, customize it and check out — all on one site in one session. And the best part is that we manage everything so there’s nothing for you to do. Customers can pay with their credit card on our safe and secure platform, and all orders are submitted to Win-Win. We process all orders and follow up on any issues. At the conclusion of your fundraiser, we’ll fulfill the orders and ship them directly to customers so there are no deliveries for you to worry about! Do 24/7 spirit wear sales sound good to you? How can they not?! View our demo store to get an idea of what you can expect. When you’re ready to get a program started and set up your online spirit wear store, you can call us at 1-877-6-WINWIN (694-6946) or go online to submit a free proposal. We can have your online spirit store up and running in no time!

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