8 Ways to Increase School Spirit

Pep Rally Showing School Spirit It’s summer time now, but the kids will be heading back to school soon. It’s not too early for your PTO/PTA to start thinking about the new school year and ways to get the students, teachers, and parents excited! To help you out, here are 8 ways to increase school spirit this year.
Sell School Spirit Wear
At Win-Win, we know all about spirit wear and the positive impact it can have. School T-shirts and other school spirit merchandise allow everyone to unite and proudly display their school colors and logo. If your school is short on excitement and could use some extra cash, spirit wear fundraising is a great way to go!
Decorate the School
Inject life all over the school grounds with decorations. Hang posters and banners in the hallways and put up signs in the grass or on fences. Plaster the school colors and logo anywhere you can!
Have a Pep Rally
Pep rallies are easy, fun ways to jolt the energy at school. Engage the students by having popular teachers and coaches speak about school pride. You could play music, cheer, and have contests or games. Use your imagination and make sure everyone has a good time!
Attend Extracurricular Activities
Urge everyone who is free to support students at their after-school activities. It will mean a lot to them to have their peers encourage them. Remind spectators to wear fan gear to athletic events and cheer loud, and make sure students at other events get a hearty “job well done!”
Make Learning Fun
Encourage the school to break the rut of the daily routine. Students will be more successful in the classroom if they enjoy what they are learning. A great way to promote education is to provide fun rewards for academic achievement. The chance to earn a pizza party or drop the principal into a dunk tank will get students to go above and beyond with their learning!
Perform Community Service
Come up with events that allow students to help out in the community. It can be anything from a clean-up day to a visit to a nursing home. It’s a fun way for the kids to interact with people in the community while learning some important skills!
Involve Alumni
Keep alumni informed about what is going on at the school and invite them back as often as possible. If any former students have gone on to interesting careers, organize a career day to let them interact with current students. It’s a great way to show the kids that they can achieve big things if they set their minds to it!
Teach the School’s History
Entertain and educate students with a lesson about their school’s history. Put together a presentation with knowledgeable speakers to tell fun stories or hand out an insightful and interesting booklet. It’s easier to increase school spirit if students know some fun facts about how their school got to where it is today!

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