5 Teacher Appreciation Ideas They’ll Love

Gift from an admirer School fundraising and parent-student activities are two of the main functions that take up the time of PTOs and PTAs, but don’t forget about the teachers! They are the most important people at the school and deserve recognition for all of their hard work. Here are five teacher appreciation ideas that you can use to thank them for everything they provide for your children.


Teachers work hard to get students to bring out their creativity, so why not return the favor with a craft gift they can display at home or in their classrooms? Decorate flower pots and add some flowers. Take photos of the classes and have the students sign frames for a customized keepsake. Make seasonal wreaths so they can always stay festive. You are limited only by your imagination!


There are countless food items that make great gifts. Candy bars and baked goods are popular and allow teachers to indulge. You can even make a fun ingredient kit for the teachers who love to bake. Or you could go a healthier route and give fruit baskets.

Gift Cards

There’s no limit to the kinds of gift cards teachers would love to have. Let them treat themselves at restaurants, movie theaters or their favorite stores. They’ll appreciate having a reason to go out.

School Supplies

Teachers are always glad to have school supplies. You never know when they’ll need extras to help students do their work. And preparation is a breeze! Just grab some additional items when doing your back-to-school shopping or have volunteers make a quick shopping trip when you’re ready to give the gifts.

Notes & Letters

A simple thank you note or letter can suffice as well. Make thank yous as personal as possible, meaning they should be hand written and address the specific accomplishments of each teacher. Sometimes, a simple gesture like this is all it takes to brighten their days.

And More!

There are so many teacher appreciation ideas you can try. To help you out, we’ve got an entire board dedicated to it on our Pinterest page. You’ll find dozens of ideas and some eye-catching images that are sure to spark your creativity. Be sure to check back often as we add new pins! And while you’re there, take some time to explore our other boards. We’ve got pins dedicated to school fundraising, our custom designs and, of course, lots of information about spirit wear! Follow our page so you don’t miss a thing!

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