4 Tips to Spirit Wear T Shirt Fundraising Success

It used to take a lot of hard work and marketing to have a successful spirit wear t shirt fundraising program, but not with a no-risk, no-cost option available from Win Win Spiritwear, it’s a lot easier. There are many ways you can market your school or team’s spiritwear fan gear.
    1. Advertise it on your school’s Facebook page or website. Make sure you have a link set up to take the person interested in buying directly from your website or Facebook to your online spirit store. Arrange a photo album to advertise all the spiritwear fan gear using Facebook’s photo album feature.
    1. Advertise in weekly newsletters. A simple mention of the site along with a picture and the link will help sell the t-shirts and merchandise. A fun idea is to make a contest out of it and include staff and students. Put a leaderboard up in the hallways so everyone can see who is in the lead of spirit wear t shirt fundraising sales.
    1. Announce the online store at booster meetings. You can even place signs out front of the school to advertise. Be sure to mention it as often as possible. In marketing, it sometimes takes about seven connections before a person will buy from you. The more they see and hear about something the better it sounds and they will buy it.
  1. Make sure you have a sample table setup. Have a place where kids and parents can see the t-shirts and merchandise. You can have a computer set up to place orders or use order slips.

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