Custom Apparel Needs the Best Logos

Custom apparel can either be really cool, average or not good. It all depends on the quality of the custom designs. Keep this in mind when doing a spirit wear fundraiser. It doesn’t matter if you have the top clothing brands and the most popular garment styles, if the logos aren’t appealing, your customers won’t … Continued

Here’s Your Ticket to Spirit Wear Success

Fundraising season is coming up soon. Are your plans made? Do you have everything in place? Organizations doing spirit wear programs can benefit from one of the resources we have available. It comes at no cost and makes it easy to achieve spirit wear success, whether you are fundraising for a school or a youth … Continued

We’re On Your Favorite Apps!

Social media is a great place to find and share ideas and information for your organization. PTOs and PTAs across the country turn to social sites for brainstorming sessions for their fundraisers. And apps make it simple to gain access from anywhere at any time. We regularly provide information about spirit wear and similar fundraising … Continued

Set Up Your Spirit Wear Program Today!

Spirit wear fundraising for schools and youth sports teams is great…and it’s now easier than ever. With the back-to-school season just around the corner, now is a great time to set up your spirit wear program. It doesn’t take much time or effort, and it’s always good to beat the last-minute rush and have everything … Continued

Get a Head Start on Your Fall Spirit Wear Program

It may seem like the start of school is still a long way away, but it can sneak up on you in a hurry. Be the ultimate PTO/PTA member and get things in motion for the new school year. To help out the fundraising committee and set your organization up for success, try a fall … Continued

Establish Community with Bulk Buy Spirit Wear

Are you looking for a way to promote school spirit? Do you have an event coming up and need apparel for workers or guests? Do you know any teams or fans looking to show off their pride? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you should consider spirit wear. When you bulk … Continued

Do an Easy Sell Program This Fall

Fundraising for schools and youth sports teams can be effective. It can also be easy. It can even be fun. If you’re lucky, it can be all three of those things, but only in the right situation. One of the ways you can position your fundraising committee to have a stress-free, enjoyable and money-making fundraiser … Continued

Customization Options for Everyone

One of the things people look for in a spirit wear fundraiser is the ability to really make it their own. They want something one-of-a-kind that they can’t get anywhere else. In fact, the number of customization options offered by spirit wear companies can sometimes be the difference in whether or not a school or … Continued

Get Started with a Free Proposal

When you’re doing a fundraiser that requires the help of an outside company, the process can be hit and miss. It depends on how, or even if, you can get on the same page. Have you ever contacted a fundraising company to ask about their offerings only to go another direction because of uncertainty about … Continued