You Deserve the Best Customer Service

If you’re a member of the fundraising committee for your PTO or PTA, there’s a good chance you’ve had to deal with a fundraising company. How did that go? If your answer is anything other than great, you have the right to be disappointed. When it comes to making a difference at your child’s school, … Continued

Give Your PTO or PTA Membership a Boost

PTOs and PTAs across the country face a similar challenge — attracting new members and keeping them involved. Without parents, the organizations don’t exist. So what can you do to increase your PTO or PTA membership? Give these things a try: Invite Sure, you’d love to have parents knocking on your door asking to join. … Continued

Tips for Choosing Spirit Wear Garments

There are a lot of different directions you can go with a spirit wear program. The best spirit wear companies offer a variety of garment styles, but it can be tough to settle on which ones you should offer to your customers. It DOES matter, so it’s an important decision. We have some tips for … Continued

Spring Spirit Wear Season is Almost Here

It’s time to get excited! Spring is quickly approaching, and that means another spirit wear season is about to get underway. From fundraising to field days and spring sports to graduations, there are all kinds of reasons to get your hands on some amazing apparel. Win-Win has the program options designed to meet any need. … Continued

School Fundraising Ideas You Should Consider

If you aren’t in the middle of your spring fundraising program, don’t worry! There is still plenty of time for your PTO or PTA to put something in place that will generate funds for your school or youth sports team. The question is, what kind of fundraiser should you do? There are many possibilities, but … Continued

Don’t Miss Out on “Spiritwear Success”

Spirit wear fundraising has the potential to earn big profits without requiring a lot of time and effort from your PTO or PTA. But that doesn’t mean the success or failure of your program is left totally up to chance. There are many things you can do — and should do — to help direct … Continued

Tell Us What You Want with a Free Proposal

Isn’t it frustrating when companies tease you with offers only to hit you up for money at the last second? You invest the time and effort expecting to get something at no cost, only to be disappointed. Win-Win doesn’t want to disappoint you. We take a no-cost approach to spirit wear fundraising, and it begins … Continued

Special Features on Social Media

Have you found us on social media yet? We are active on several different applications, and we don’t want you to miss out on everything we have going on. We use social media to provide bonus content that you won’t find anywhere else! You will find a variety of things on our Pinterest page, and … Continued

You’ll Love Our Custom Designs

People love the bright colors and cool styles of spirit wear, but it’s the custom designs that really grab attention. With that in mind, it’s important that when you do a fundraiser that you work with a spirit wear company that has proven design skills. If you want to put on a successful program, you … Continued

Bulk Buy Spirit Wear to Meet Your Needs

If you want quality, great-looking apparel to show off your school pride, you want spirit wear. If you want a bunch of spirit wear fast, you want a bulk buy. Bulk buy spirit wear is versatile and can be used by a number of groups for a variety of reasons. So if you’ve never looked … Continued