Promote Your Spirit Wear Fundraiser Like a Pro

You’ll always be able to make sales when you do a spirit wear fundraiser. But the amount of sales depends on factors like product quality, price and promotion. This post will help you with promotion because it doesn’t matter if you are selling awesome spirit wear at great prices, if your customers don’t know about … Continued

Stick with Tried and True Spirit Wear

There are several garment styles and a variety of decorating methods out there. It’s easy to be tempted to try something trendy for your next spirit wear fundraiser. And we know trendy! We offer a huge selection of brands and styles in our blank garment showroom, and we can decorate garments with flashy applications like … Continued

Customer Service at its Finest

There are two major things to consider when selecting a spirit wear company to work with for a school fundraiser. The first is obviously the product. Your program will not be a success if it does not include quality spirit wear. The second is customer service. It might not be the qualification at the top … Continued

Display Our Spirit Wear Proudly

We are a spirit wear company that is all about quality. Quality garments. Quality custom designs. Quality service. It’s all required to make a positive impact on schools with our spirit wear. We take pride in our spirit wear, and we hope each and every person that places an order is proud of it as … Continued

Take Some Time to Explore Our Website

Earlier this year, we unveiled a new website. Have you checked it out yet? There’s no better place to learn about Win-Win and everything we do. If you are interested in spirit wear, is the place to be! If you are a member of a PTO, PTA or fundraising committee, you can use our … Continued

Get the Spirit Gear You’re Looking For

There are many ways to increase school spirit. One of them is to offer students, staff and parents spirit gear, which includes spirit wear garments and spirit merchandise. That apparel instills pride in everyone who has it and builds unity within the school. Win-Win has an enormous selection of spirit gear that would be perfect … Continued

Make School Fundraising a Whole Lot Easier

The holiday season is a time to relax and recharge. But the spring semester will be here before you know it. Now is a good time to start making preparations for your next round of school fundraising projects. We want your PTO or PTA to experience success. That’s why we created “Top 10 School Fundraising … Continued

Spiritwear Success: Your Key to a Big Profit

If executed properly, spirit wear fundraisers can earn your PTO or PTA a nice profit. But, unfortunately, not everyone takes the necessary steps to maximize the potential of their spirit wear program. If you’ve done spirit wear fundraisers in the past but want your next one to be more successful, or if you are planning … Continued

Add Teacher Appreciation Gifts to Your Holiday List

As you go through your shopping list this holiday season, don’t forget to check it twice! Make sure you remember to pick up something for the teachers. Whether you’re a parent shopping for a couple of your child’s teachers or a member of a PTO/PTA in charge of getting something for all of the teachers … Continued

Stay Warm with Winter Weather Spirit Wear

It’s that time of year again when the temperatures are low and snowflakes color the landscape white. Warm clothes are a must, and what better way to brighten spirits during the gloomy winter months than with toasty, cozy spirit wear? Win-Win has a variety of winter weather spirit wear options that are perfect for an … Continued