Garment Decorating Options Galore

Spirit wear is all about choices. From styles and colors to custom designs, items can be created to fit almost any taste. You’re probably aware that there are a lot of options when it comes to the garments themselves and the designs placed on them. But do you know about all of the garment decorating … Continued

Get the Right Garment Size the First Time

Have you ever received a clothing item as a gift or brought one home without trying it on only to find out that it didn’t fit right? Chances are you have. It’s frustrating and forces you to find time in your busy schedule to make an exchange. Win-Win doesn’t want you to have to go … Continued

Stock Up on Spirit Wear with a Bulk Buy

If your school is in need of spirit wear for a specific event or group, a great option is a bulk buy. Win-Win’s bulk buy program offers the custom designs and high quality we’re known for at wholesale prices without requiring you to participate in a full spirit wear program. If you know exactly what … Continued

Add Uniformity and Build Spirit with Spirit Wear

You don’t have to be a uniform school to enjoy the benefit of a uniform look. And there’s no better way to bring uniformity and build school spirit than with spirit wear! Kids love spirit wear, and they’ll have no problem wearing it day after day — especially if they have a variety of great-looking … Continued

Winston Star: Super Hero of Spirit Wear

He’s fast, strong and always looks good. He’s friendly and helpful to everyone he meets, and he sure loves spirit wear! His name is Winston Star, and he’s the super mascot of Win-Win. You’ve probably noticed Winston on our social media pages or in our email blasts. But you might not know that he’s more … Continued

Select Spirit Wear Garments with Ease

There are several different directions you can go with a spirit wear fundraiser, especially when it comes to the garments. With the variety of items available, it can be difficult to decide what will work best to maximize your profits. That’s not an issue with Win-Win. We’re a spirit wear company that helps you select … Continued

Customize to Your Heart’s Content

There are many reasons why spirit wear and spirit wear fundraisers are great. One of the most popular aspects is the customization. With spirit wear, you and your customers can customize like crazy! Our Easy Sell Spirit Wear Program allows you to customize everything to really build that spirit and bring in those profits! What … Continued

Increase Your Fundraising Money with Spirit Wear

There are so many ways for PTOs/PTAs to fundraise these days, but some fundraising programs work better than others. It all depends on the target market and what they are willing to spend their money on. If you really do your research, you’ll find that one of the most profitable fundraising methods is spirit wear. … Continued

We’re Feeling the Love

At Win-Win, we not only work with great elementary and middle schools but also some very talented sports teams. We do our best to produce outstanding products and provide quality customer service for everyone we work with. From time to time, our clients and their customers go out of their way to let us know … Continued

Our Spirit Merchandise Options are Endless

Are you a creative person? Is your organization looking for something totally unique or outside the box? If so, then maybe you should consider spirit merchandise for your next school fundraiser or bulk buy. Spirit merchandise is a great alternative to spirit wear or a fun addition to a spirit wear program. And if you … Continued