Spirit Wear Trends to Consider

Are you considering a spirit wear program for the first time? Or are you a spirit wear pro just looking to try something new? Either way, we want to fill you in on some spirit wear trends that you should be aware of before your next school fundraiser. We want your spirit wear to stand … Continued

School Fundraising Ideas For You!

Being a member of a PTO/PTA means you’ll be doing quite a bit of fundraising. We know that it’s not always easy to come up with school fundraising ideas, especially ones that are proven to succeed. That’s why we put together a helpful guide just for you! It’s called “Top 10 School Fundraising Ideas: Tips … Continued

Now is the Best Time for Spirit Wear

Are you ready for spirit wear? Well, you better be because now is the best time for spirit wear! Between back to school, teams getting ready for competition and clubs preparing for events and activities, there are countless opportunities for school spirit wear fundraisers to make a splash. By teaming up with Win-Win Spiritwear for … Continued

Achieve Spirit Wear Success With Win-Win

 If your PTO/PTA is seeking spirit wear success, you’ve come to the right place! Win-Win Spiritwear has got the knowledge and resources to help any spirit wear program reach new heights. If you want to know what it takes, we have the answers you’re looking for in our guide: “Spiritwear Success: How to Sell Spiritwear … Continued

Add Spirit Merchandise To Your Program

Most school spirit wear programs are centered on T-shirts and similar clothing items. But have you ever thought about including spirit merchandise in your fundraiser? Spirit merchandise not only is fun and unique, but it also is a great way to increase your bottom line. And who doesn’t love making an extra profit on their … Continued

Find Us On Social Media

Want to get social with us? It’s easy, because we are all over social media! Now, you can keep up with all of Win-Win Spiritwear’s happenings wherever you are on your computer, tablet or smart phone. We are currently active on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. We’d love for you to check us out, or better … Continued

Customer Service You Can Count On

When considering a spirit wear company for your organization’s school fundraising program, two of the most important deciding factors are spirit wear quality and customer service reliability. With Win-Win Spiritwear, you get both! And while we could go on and on about how great our spirit wear is (it’s REALLY great!), we want to take … Continued

Your Online Spirit Wear Store Awaits

We know that shopping on the web is popular, so we provide an online spirit wear store for every school that does a spirit wear fundraiser with Win-Win. Now, your PTO, PTA or fundraising organization can reach more people than ever before! What is It? An online spirit wear store is an Internet page designed … Continued

Customers Love Our Spirit Wear

There’s nothing that makes us happier than having happy customers. Because of this, we work extremely hard to make sure that customers love our spirit wear each and every time they place an order! Here at Win-Win, we believe we are a top option when it comes to spirit wear programs. But ultimately, that’s up … Continued

Spirit Wear Season is Here

We think it’s always a good time for spirit wear. But now that summer is winding down and school is back in session, it’s officially peak spirit wear season! There’s no better time to begin a spirit wear program with Win-Win Spiritwear. Excitement and enthusiasm are always high as the new school year begins. Let … Continued